Promoting Donor Recognition of a Different Sort

December 17th, 2013

Emory TC Full ViewThis is a customly-designed donor wall we provided Emory University’s Transplant Center years ago to commemorate those folks who have received organ transplants there.

In our work, we often speak of recognizing and honoring those who give of their time, treasures and talent. Well, this architecturally-integrated display celebrates a most unique gift…a real treasure to both the giver and recipient.

A tip of the hat to this client!

I was so pleased to see how the Transplant Center used the display as a year-end promotional tool in their recent blog.  It’s a wonderful technique available to organizations to renew interest in their giving programs (no matter what “treasure” is being given). It’s just not used often enough in social media.

Written by Robin E. Williams

Churches Act to Motivate Planned Giving thru Donor Recognition

May 23rd, 2013

Churches are choosing more and more to thank donors publicly. They have come to understand the need to approach fundraising  in more focused and assertive ways. Experience has proven that the commemoration and celebration of neighbors and friends who give, like you see here, really do energize viewers to action.

Planned Giving Display

First Presbyterian Church Atlanta

Digitally-printed canvas title panel

Digitally-printed canvas title panel

Legend plaque showing what the symbols represent

Legend plaque showing what the symbols represent

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“Seeing is believing” A Guide to Visual Storytelling Best Practices

April 8th, 2013

Seeing is Believing

The “eyes” have it. This image captured your attention immediately, didn’t it?

For fundraisers, bringing an organization’s story to life visually has been a major push of mine for years.  Yet, like so many other of the more technical communications specialties these days, simply advising someone to do it is not enough.

On-line Giving can be 6x more productive!

February 6th, 2013

Branded websites raise 6 times more money than those that are not. Wanted to share this info graphic that underpins with it’s empirical data even more support for one our themes here:  branded philanthropy works best. And it shows much more; for instance, do note that donors giving on-line in December mimic what we had have all traditionally experienced with end of year giving. Folks procrastinate no matter what the medium. This data gathered by Network for good is really well done. Feel free to share it too.  Continue reading »

It’s the Experience of Philanthropy that Counts…still

January 30th, 2013

There are definitely truisms regarding the best methods for thanking donors, for establishing an experience, a tradition of giving: Be personal, be authentic, be creative and follow a plan.

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