Programmatic Donor Recognition in a Picture

August 25th, 2014

DR Hierarchy1DRhierAs a donor recognition consultant, I am asked often what I mean when I refer to a programmatic approach to donor recognition. This one picture says it all.

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Improve Your NonProfit’s Website….Now!

August 13th, 2014

web confusedWas reminded this week of how often not-for-profit websites miss the opportunity to inform, invite, excite and even IGNITE giving on-line. Continue reading »

A Troubling Trend for Fundraising

August 5th, 2014

Fundraisers might well take note that although the annual total for giving in the US is rising, the number of donors is falling.  Continued giving and donor retention have long been seen as keys to long term fundraising success. Yet the acquisition of new donors may be most important to assuring a viable future for a non profit.

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As a donor recognition program consultant, my identification of actions and policies that influence donor retention and continued giving are vital to my work as counsel to fundraisers. This trend of major donor attrition  is one I have “felt” but could not prove myself. I appreciated having this highlighted for me.

Dennis W. Linderbaum of UnityPoint Health Foundation, upon reading about this trend said he has seen real evidence of this with both their employee campaigns and  overall fundraising efforts. His reality supports that they are raising more money from fewer people. He says that “the old 80-20 rule has been replaced by a 95-5 or perhaps even a 97-3 rule — 97% of the funds raised come from 3%” of their donors.

Interestingly, he acknowledged that “this could be a sign of the economic situation where the middle class has seen its resources diminish ever since 1980 or so”. But he suggests another, troubling reality that may be influencing the decline. This may well be the result of what he called an “incredible increase in competition from an ever-growing non-profit sector”.

Fundraisers must be vigilant within their own internal analyses to understand their own trend(s) and to identify and address to the causes for it.

Written by Robin E. Williams