Doing a Better Job at Motivating Millennials

October 10th, 2013

I remember hearing an expert speak about the issues baby boomer employers, like me, needed to understand better about millennial employees. The example that I recall best, which illuminated so much for me (as in “hit me squarely between the eyes”), was simply:

“You wonder why you are having trouble communicating with your younger employees? Think about it: they text you and you don’t do texting. You leave them a note written in cursive and they don’t read cursive!”

A wide divide existed for me, I knew, and so I learned to text and I have even gone so far as to now use bank cards for point-of-purchase sales! I know they (the world in general) were not going to change to make me comfortable and so I really needed to, and quickly!

Today, I came across this list of 30 statistics that non profits need to know about millennial giving from a terrific resource for permission or inbound marketing strategies.¬† Enjoy and don’t forget to CHANGE! Millennials like to be engaged.

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