Churches Act to Motivate Planned Giving thru Donor Recognition

May 23rd, 2013

Churches are choosing more and more to thank donors publicly. They have come to understand the need to approach fundraising  in more focused and assertive ways. Experience has proven that the commemoration and celebration of neighbors and friends who give, like you see here, really do energize viewers to action.

Planned Giving Display

First Presbyterian Church Atlanta

Digitally-printed canvas title panel

Digitally-printed canvas title panel

Legend plaque showing what the symbols represent

Legend plaque showing what the symbols represent

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Keys for Electronic Donor Recognition Display Decision-making

May 1st, 2013

Electronic donor recognition displays can be web-based, stored on a central server or stand as an independent computer system. Decide what best aligns with the technology, IT support and budgets available to YOU.

Electronic Donor Display

Electronic Donor Display at Phoebe Memorial Hospital

Usually, if the components are web-based, the organization must plan to engage the services of an outside resource for design, development, service and support. The hardware expenses are typically less for both web and server-based applications, usually only a monitor, speakers and connecting wiring. With an independent computer system, design and implementation is less expensive – possibly eliminating the need for a programmer, yet the cost of the computer must be included. Continue reading »