On-line Giving can be 6x more productive!

February 6th, 2013

Branded websites raise 6 times more money than those that are not. Wanted to share this info graphic that underpins with it’s empirical data even more support for one our themes here:  branded philanthropy works best. And it shows much more; for instance, do note that donors giving on-line in December mimic what we had have all traditionally experienced with end of year giving. Folks procrastinate no matter what the medium. This data gathered by Network for good is really well done. Feel free to share it too.  Their Index builds on data and observations from The Online Giving Study, released in 2010, and is updated quarterly to provide timely snapshots of the state of charitable giving. Bookmark it for reference next quarter.  There’s a link below.

This infographic is created by Network for Good


Written by Robin E. Williams

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