It’s the Experience of Philanthropy that Counts…still

January 30th, 2013

There are definitely truisms regarding the best methods for thanking donors, for establishing an experience, a tradition of giving: Be personal, be authentic, be creative and follow a plan.

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January is “Thank You” month!

January 15th, 2013

Every new year, this is a month for me to enjoy like no other. I learned years ago that pausing in January to be thankful for all the ups and downs of the past is empowering and even a bit exhilarating as I review it all. What did I/we do? What could have been done differently, done better? And certainly, what was just right about the year? That retrospective survey always reminds me of my mother who told me many, many times, “Robin, just take the bad with the good.”  Simple, yet sound advice.  I now understand what she meant.  Every experience provides a context for the next and no matter the effort or the consequence, the adventure is the educator, the gift. So I spend this month in appreciation for it all and it is always at this time I that pause to consider the irony her gentle reminder in view of my life’s work to get others to say thanks.

As the first month of any new year, it’s an EXCELLENT and symbolic kick-off to what may lie ahead.

So, to my clients, past, current and future:  Fundraisers, January is “our” month. “Thank you” to all of you for your commitment to bettering our lives and our world. I am also certain that the more you accomplish, the more that is asked of you. I deeply appreciate your continued dedication to advancing our society. In fact, we are all deeply indebted to you and we look forward to, and thank you for, whatever the year will bring.

Written by Robin E. Williams

“Repeat Donors” Matter Most….

January 10th, 2013

…unfortunately, fundraising organizations are NOT very good at retaining them.

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