Donor Recognition & Story-telling: Fundraisers’ Powerful Engagement Tool

October 9th, 2012

I’ve got a link below that will serve donor recognition immensely through improved story-telling. Stories work to engage viewers and don’t forget that viewers are all propsective donors. There’s a webinar being given that should sharpen the skills of us all. I’ve signed up. I thought others should know about it, too.

The fact is, we’ve been advocates for the usefulness of story-telling since “the early days”. Early on we honed what we learned by creating and engeneering displays that actually “spoke” to viewers. The picture of the display here (built circa 1992 ) is one of the first for us to present a primary storyboard.

This was created for introduction as a new program of giving at the opening of a Jewish Community Center in Miami. It was specifically focused upon endowment giving to the Sports Endowment. (Yes, in 1992!) Also, included along with donor names was  an array of interchangeable images with brief captions. Each  highlighted a different Jewish Sports hero Those are Red Auerbach and Mark Spitz in the foreground.

That series of stories worked to invite viewers to step up, read, and actually consider the reasons whay it is important to support young Jewish athletes fully in a sustainable manner.

Also, those pictures neatly filled vacant spots in that new display, thereby giving the appearance of more-donors-than-blanks in the nascent giving program. The display didn’t “feel” so empty.

All this to tell you that today I  signed up for a webinar that I think we can all benefit from. “Lisa Cron, author of Wired for Story: The Writer’s Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers from the Very First Sentence (Ten Speed Press)” is the guest speaker. Katya Andersen’s Non-Profit Marketing blog is making it all possible. FOR FREE at 1PM on October 16.

So sign up now at “Network for Good”.  (Sign up even if you can’t make it and they will email you a recording of the webinar.) I’ll “hear you” there!

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