Total Recognition Program Review or an Immediate Product Need?

August 24th, 2012

There are 2 primary occasions when we are called upon to help. This is written as an open letter to any fundraiser who understands that donor recognition is the most under-utilized “moves management” tool at hand.  We simply urge that you “think before you thank”.

Total Program Review: a day in the life of a fundraising organization reveals much through our focused and tightly structured assessment of existing donor recognition processes and efficiencies.  A set of proprietary documents and forms will guide our time together with you and they are then summarized and released back to you as a detailed and analytic report. They, along with a set of directives counseling best practices in donor recognition, are the basis for our uniquely specific evaluation of your organization’s thinking about thanking.

Nationally-known fundraising consultants have folded our expertise into their own offerings, just as have not-for-profit executives called on us over the years to put their “donor recognition house” in order. Today, the linkage of coordinated policy, proven processes and appropriate product outcomes represent the “new normal” in successful stewardship programs. From plaques, walls and billboards to online communications strategies, we make sure you see those linkages within the decisions you’ve already made, while most likely we’ll also be introducing you to others, all meant to enhance your leverage with donors and colleagues alike.

Specific (and Immediate) Product Solution Needs: For organizations in which philanthropy is truly a core value of the institution, success in fundraising is assured. To those folks, the public face of philanthropy, or brand, is vital and strategic. If the project you have in mind is immediate and/or complex, as when new facilities with naming opportunities are coming on line, we’ll make sure all decisions are anchored within the context of your own recognition traditions, while also being keyed to your future fundraising goals.

In today’s competitive fundraising environments, the time is right to initiate a coordinated, orderly and timely program of recognition. Our implementation directives for product solutions are based upon over 30 years of my own experience with manufacturing vendors, their specialties, their short-comings, and their costs. All is done in a effort to manage immediate deadlines, while setting the stage for a sustainable recognition program. Sustainability is simply a big part of our DNA here.

Then there’s the added benefit to project management that no other firm can provide. We are creative and untethered to any product, manufacturer or preconceived approach. Our entire purpose is to provide you with the knowledge and documented tools you’ll need  to assure your program’s on-going fundraising growth and cost-effective stewardship activities. Both quality and consistency in product, as well as in messaging, are critical to cost planning and administrative efficiencies going forward. In fact, it may just be that the best part of our work for you that your next recognition need will already have been budgeted and planned for accuracy. Isolated decision-making for recognition activities will end.

Of course let us talk specifics to your needs. Once we talk, we can send along an example or two of past work that relates more realistically to your situation. Respond/comment here, or call us at 404.872.7646. Written by Robin E. Williams

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