Total Recognition Program Review or an Immediate Product Need?

August 24th, 2012

There are 2 primary occasions when we are called upon to help. This is written as an open letter to any fundraiser who understands that donor recognition is the most under-utilized “moves management” tool at hand.¬† We simply urge that you “think before you thank”. Continue reading »

5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Should be on Pinterest: (especially those focused upon Women and/or Education)

August 15th, 2012

More often these days, we are hearing of Pinterest, a of new-ish social media site that focuses on the visual experience of its contributors. They even call themselves an “an online pinboard”. At first glance it seems oriented to the individual and his/her artistic interests and endeavors. And often we hear that there’s nothing in it for the nonprofit organization.

Yet, just yesterday the following five reasons supporting its use by nonprofits came across my desk from “Branded4Good”. (This site and its newsletter are very well done. I highly encourage you to check it out beyond the subject of this post.) Continue reading »