Medical Foundation Establishes Recognition Graphic Identity

October 31st, 2011

Mission Healthcare Foundation dogwood crown

Donor Recognition Icon for Mission Healthcare Foundation

Last week Mission Healthcare Foundation unveiled the recognition graphic standards program at their SECU Cancer Center . Over the last 6 months, we provided our entire program development set of services from area naming master planning, to naming opportunity policy setting to donor recognition product design and re-order templating for accuracy. All was accomplished in concert with the hospital’s Marketing staff. The Cancer Center is named for a local credit union…we made sure that serious negotiations took place in regard to how the hospital should present the building’s donor name in print, as well as on the building and throughout the campus’ way-finding plan. This was especially critical since the donor is a corporate entity who by nature seeks out top billing when their name is used. And no one wanted someone entering the front door of the Cancer Center looking to make a bank deposit!

Major namings like this are ALWAYS critical issues for fundraisers to negotiate. In this case, both sets of  marketers, the Hospital’s and the donor’s were anxious that their interests be served well. Yet our involvement is always focused on assuring the fundraisers that no decision is made that could be  detrimental to the relationship with major donors like this. We always work to insure that the “Best Practices in Donor Recognition” are in maintained. In helping with these critical discussions, Bruce Thorsen, President and CEO of the Foundation told us, “Thank you….for the creative, detailed and common-sense approach” of wading through the issues and concerns of all stake-holders in a way that was successful for all.)

Lastly, this was another opportunity for us to lead a well known recognition product vendor through product implementation: MD Designs. Tom Faytol and MD Designs have been serving Mission in Asheville, NC for years in their donor recognition product supply. He remained the vendor interface throughout this work, also, allowing us to concentrate in the days leading up to the installation date that all details for future re-orders are templated and uniformly planned. The idea we work hard to bring to reality for projects like this is that future replacements  and updating can be organized and made accurate through interactive order forms we prepare which are always unique to each client’s program.

Grouped Area Naming Display

Robin Williams and Tom Faytol pleased with the collaboration for Mission

Though having us involved as a double-check that the recognition program is of the quality and functionality we designed for Mission was unusual for them, a quick look at the outcome, including an attractive and purposeful LCD interface which was developed by a local outside resource that Mission chose to use, shows the synergistic outcomes of that collaboration . This firm has enjoyed becoming  the linchpin for the Mission Healthcare’s recognition program’s iconic elements to come together at the installation last week, as envisioned from the start.

LCD Capital Campaign display

Dynamic Donor-related Story-telling at Mission Healthcare

Written By Robin E. Williams

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