2012 Color Trends

August 23rd, 2011

At Robin E. Williams Incorporated it is our role to keep up with design trends and product development. This Saturday an article appeared in DDI on color forecasts for 2012 that is worth sharing with all those presently involved in the interior design of health centers, university student centers and other facilities trending towards sophisticated, warm, natural and homey environments. The article presented by Sherwin-Williams. Enjoy!

Sherwin-Williams forecasts color trends for 2012

Sherwin-Williams released its 2012 Colormix, a forecast for next year’s color trends. Inspired by color-washing, ombre dying techniques and the sustainable environment, the color groupings explore the earthy origins of primary palettes.

“Colors that are analogous, or adjacent on the color wheel , are a dominant trend, “ says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “We discover a fresh array of combinations within color families—be it fiery reds, watery blues, grassy greens or organic neutrals.”

Each color group’s nature-based origins are apparent in the various shades shown in the chart. The Red spectrum includes shades from deep fuchsias to delicate pinks. The colors are reminiscent of sunsets, fire and the earth’s molten core, and are meant to be bold and memorable.

Juxtaposed against the fierce reds, the soothing Blue palette is meant to reflect functional material. Drawing color inspiration from dark indigo to light blue skies, these hues pay homage to everyday resources such as faded blue jeans and shimmering, clean water surfaces.

Lush, earthy shades characterize the Greens. Shirking yellow-tinged greens used in previous years, the 2012 greens highlight the depths of the sea and forest, natural textures and plant life. Colors, such as “Cocoon,” “Tidewater” and “Basil,” were plucked straight out of nature for a color scheme honoring a sustainable lifestyle.

Hues found in grain, weathered wood, pebbles and clay determined the Neutrals color scheme, where highlighted gold tomes embody the sun and soft metals for a warmer feel. This subtle palette is understated yet refined. It combines warm gray colors and natural tones to create colors such as “Bosc Pear” and “Relic Bronze.”

The Colormix 2012 contains 40 different shades of Reds, Blues, Greens and Neutrals. “Just hone in on a color you love and the ideal, natural complement will be right nearby, “ Jordan says.

Article by Caitlin Sheridan for DDi Magazine, August 2011

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