Pay Now or Pay Later

July 25th, 2011

Being relatively new to Robin E. Williams Incorporated, I just had my first opportunity to attend a Association of Donor Relations Professionals event, the Southeast Donor Relations Conference. As someone new to donor relations, too, it was a great way to gain further insight into organizations that we counsel. I was very  impressed with the  creative stretching of resources and the willingness to share experience for the benefit of the whole group.

In that spirit, I made a presentation entitled “Pay Now or Pay Later – The Benefits of Early Donor Recognition Planning.” We showcased organizations that have embraced donor recognition planning early in their campaigns, proving that a well-documented, strategic donor recognition plan can benefit fundraising, ease implementation and lay the groundwork for effective stewardship. This proactive “thinking about thanking” puts the donor relations professional in a leadership position from the start and sets in place the proven Best Practices for Donor Recognition™.

Written By Troy Winterrowd

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