Highlights form 2010 GivingUSA Survey

June 30th, 2011

Last week, at the monthly AFP Breakfast, David King, President of Alexander Haas presented a summary of findings from this year’s GivingUSA comprehensive survey on American Philanthropy. And then this week, fundraising consultant, Bruce Flessner of Bentz, Whaley, Flessner, while agreeing in concept with King’s interpretations, expanded my view further at the regional Association for Healthcare Philanthropy meeting in Orlando. Continue reading »

Giving for 2011: Flat-Like-Stanley

June 17th, 2011

Just as he did last year,  David King, President of Alexander Haas presented a summary of findings from 2011’s Giving USA comprehensive survey on American Philanthropy at the June AFP Breakfast in Atlanta.

This year, though, giving at 4% increase translates to a flat year for giving. Even so, there are 3 focal points I want to highlight here that I think provide real opportunities for using donor recognition to enhance giving. Continue reading »

Extreme Success: Proactive Donor Recognition Strategy Leads to Greater Giving

June 17th, 2011

Today, fundraisers are enacting “proactive stewardship plans,” visions that are defined by strategic plans fostering long-term, ever-growing relationships and emphasizing programmatic consistency. For years, we have promoted this “think, before you thank” philosophy.  Specifically, we encourage you to thank existing donors with the express purpose of enhancing the relationship you have with them, while forging a greater tradition of giving within your community as a whole. Continue reading »