AAMC Institutional Advancement Group Conference-This Week!

April 11th, 2011

This week, I will be in Nashville, Tennessee, for a conference we’ve never participated in before: The American Association of Medical Colleges, Group on Institutional Advancement. It’s a relatively small conference and so we look forward to meaningful interface with those finding themselves ensconced, particularly, in a capital campaign. Whether actively engaged in the campaign or involved in feasibility studies for one, if there is a moment not to be missed by fundraisers, it is the “capital campaign moment”. It is actually the most crucial time to think about thanking in new ways . As one assesses all of their administrative and fundraising “systems”, programmatic donor recognition is not to be overlooked.

Donor Recognition is the most  under utilized communication tool that a fundraiser has, and certainly, planned at that early juncture, recognition will proactively serve the organization in meeting its campaign goals via the establishment of programmatic  methodology and process, specifically engineered to encourage continued giving. So, this week portends to be a most exciting time for us.

Also, I guess, in the spirit of full disclosure to the reader, I should add that Anne and I are geared up for a return trip to The Bluebird Cafe there in Nashville too.  If you haven’t been there, try to set aside time when you are next in Nashville. Lots of current country music legends have begun there, the most recent that I’m aware of is Taylor Swift. My fingers are crossed for finding time to be there one night.

Written by Robin E. Williams

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