Excitement Builds at North Georgia College and State University

March 4th, 2011

A meeting like this is a lot of fun for me.  What you see here is an idea we’ve had in behalf of our client now coming to life on their campus, for their university president. This image signifies an electrifying moment for our client, too.  It’s a time when planning comes to an end; when it is replaced by the reality that there soon will be an actual “destination” for honoring philanthropy on campus, right here.

I’m meeting here with the President of North Georgia College and State University, David L. Potter. All the groundwork has been laid over the last few years by Institutional Advancement to build a new awareness for giving on campus. Soon this new plaza will present the long awaited, very public celebration of giving for this vibrant state university.

The onsite review presented here, though seemingly perfunctory, is actually a powerfully effective way for a fundraiser to manage the approval of concepts while also building excitement among all who see it. From this point on, everyone who leaves this meeting will have  a beautiful mental image of major donors about to be honored here, in a way uniquely their own.

So at this moment, our ideas for their public recognition program are about to be implemented. It’s my very favorite meeting. Images within a client’s imagination of what he thought he needed are now  replaced by those my team has created in answer to that vision and there are smiles all around.  Written By Robin E. Williams

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