Design Your Recognition Displays to Encourage Change

March 16th, 2011

This is an easy one for fundraisers to accomplish when planning a recognition display. Plan the display from the outset for change. Quick, easy, and economical change. Change is critical to garnering new interest from viewers (prospective donors, all). If you think about it, any static display becomes “just a fixture” after the newness has worn off. The content is forever “yesterday’s newspaper”.  And most recognition fabricators are very familiar with how to integrate digital panels mechanically into their framing systems. It’s become so much easier for  fundraisers to can make the switch-out. Thus, change actually occurs.

These before-and-after images are of the Philanthropy Center at Gwinnett Medical Center, Duluth, GA. The overall graphic theming remains consistent for this spa-like interior design. The lists and images of donors at events and as active participants at special events  have been repositioned and renewed.  The Foundation works hard to ensure that change-outs are re-energizing. They are designed to inspire anew.  And it’s all made so simple today through templated digitally printed graphics.

With today’s techniques for digital printing, whether on canvas as you see above or printed on the second surface of acrylic within displays (see below), the results can be awe-inspiring in their execution.  As designers, we are told that digital printing can be used on nearly ANY material, even wallpaper, seen here. We used wallpaper, removable/changeable wallpaper,  for this application as an the introduction to the Philanthropy Center corridor at Floyd Medical Center. The imaging and messages were taken from other collateral they had developed. These methods for digitally-printed processes are so commonly available now that it only makes sense to incorporate it. Look for new;  look for easily changeable and look for gift level-appropriate ways to incorporate digital printing.    Functionality and Efficiency count.

Lastly, if you are thinking about recognition projects, just know that “now” is absolutely the very best time to be planning for recognition plaques and displays. The graphic advances that have been made over the last 10 years have not only improved the outcomes of thanking and story-telling within facilities, the same advances have reduced many costs as well . Now, like never before, recognition budgets are manageable, especially if planned for.  Digitally printed displays and components can be nearly  as flexible in content and delivery as any of your web and collateral printing. Just remember: whatever you can print on paper or present online can be re-purposed to appear in architectural displays. It’s a new era. Change is easy and stories need to be told. Link your messaging throughout your media.  Support your philanthropy brand.

Written by Robin E. Williams

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