The Benefits of Donor Recognition Program Planning

November 22nd, 2010

At last week’s GEAC Conference (Georgia Education Advancement Council), we presented this information as a vital part of our case study of donor recognition standards and guidelines now in use at Columbus State University in Columbus GA.

Dr. Laska, our co-presenter, spoke animatedly about the times-savings they experience from no longer having to decide how to acknowledge each new gift. Stewardship has certainly been enhanced, yet the surprises have been that with a unified and hierarchical program in place, even their relationships with their in-house Facilities Planners and outside design professionals have been improved. Pre-planning a program as they have implemented, means better ROI on many fronts. Budgets, for example, were set forth for each recognition element at the outset. Now, they no longer come to the opening of a facility wondering how much the recognition will cost, nor do they wonder whether enough money had been set aside “to do the right thing” and vendors are much more informed as they seek to satisfy the institution’s needs. It’s all been set into play as a comprehensive policy from which their program evolves.

Written By Robin E. Williams

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