Case Study Reveals a Commitment to Stewardship at Columbus State University

November 18th, 2010

Dr. Kayron Laska, VP of Institutional Advancement at CSU, partnered with us today in our presentation at the annual Georgia Education Advancement Council conference in St. Simons, Island, GA. Her commitment to upholding their Recognition Program Standards and Guidelines as a process to be followed set a terrific example for those in attendance. Her understanding that thanking is perhaps the most powerful stewardship and cultivation tool at her bidding was palpable.

Standing in for her colleague, Rex Whiddon, who implements their recognition and stewardship program, Dr. Laska praised his dedication and skill by calling him one of the best fundraisers she has ever seen and certainly one who is absolutely focused on stewardship as a motivator of continued and enhanced giving for their school. Thus, the total commitment of the institution to using programmatic donor recognition to motivate and engage donors was an exciting viewpoint to share.

Tomorrow, we’ll include our presentation here, which includes images of their program product outcomes in real settings. The variety and interest conveyed throughout their program will impress fundraisers even at the largest of institutions.

As Dr. Laska implored her colleagues, “If we don’t do it (take charge of the decisions related to recognition across campus), who will?”

Written by Robin E. Williams

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