A Call for Truly Successful Online Donor Recognition

October 11th, 2010

Fundraising organizations are actively seeking effective means for communicating with donors through online tools. More importantly, donors expect the most efficient and timely means of communication.  Web-based technologies have the potential to create a new paradigm where donors co-create an engaging online experience that strengthens existing donor relationships and facilitates greater giving. Continue reading »

What Comes Next? TheThanksTank.com™ Roundtable’s Critical Question

October 1st, 2010

Today we sparked out-of-the-box thinking (over boxed lunches) with multimedia donor recognition experts, Harv Mock and James Graham of Planned Legacy and a select group of forward thinking non-profit professionals, discussing the role of new media in donor recognition.  The conversation started with an overview of the “perfect storm” of fundraising and donor communication demands that created the need for more dynamic, engaging communication tactics, leading to the influx of electronic and interactive displays.  Harv and James were able to show examples of multimedia presentations in several formats and demonstrate the versatility of electronic recognition; the slides from today’s presentation are included here. Continue reading »