I Found a “Great” Online Experience!

August 27th, 2010

In searching for examples of high quality donor recognition media on line, I came across this absolute J-E-W-E-L from Texas A&M Commerce! It meets all the qualifications we recommend for an engaging online experience: it is dynamic (video), creative (what a great concept… the metaphorical “lift” a scholarship provides), it includes donors and scholarship recipients speaking directly to the audience, and it’s well worth forwarding (taking advantage of social media’s viral communication spread). Kudos to the producers of these videos. They get an A++ in my book! (click continue reading to see the videos) Continue reading »

College of Charleston Cato-Simons Display Christened!

August 13th, 2010

We were so pleased to have been part of a “christening” immediately following our successful installation of the College of Charleston Cato-Simons display. Among those in attendance were the Dean for the School, Valerie Morris, EVP of Business Affairs, Steve Osborne, Director of Operations, Kathryn Norton and EVP of Institutional Advancement, George Watt, who gave a toast to mark the occasion.   The Cato-Simons display marks the juncture of the new Marion and Wayland H. Cato Jr. Center for the Arts and the existing Simon Center for the Arts and follows an initial installation of donor recognition plaques in January 2010  for the grand opening of the Center. Continue reading »

Experiential Stewardship: The “Must Know” Guidelines for Top Tier Donors

August 10th, 2010

Robin Good recently posted a series of questions on the ADRP Listserv, basically asking this: what are you doing for your top tier donors, and have you standardized those activities in any way?  In further conversation with her, I was impressed with her application of a seldom-used term, experiential stewardship, to the work involved in donor relations.  In a nutshell, she used it to refer to the all-important act of providing meaningful experiences for your donors, ones that go beyond the routine checklist of stewardship activities. Continue reading »

Donor Recognition Audits: Why? How?

August 5th, 2010

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that one does that turn out to have the most lasting impact.  Such is the case with a Donor Recognition Audit.  Inherent in our consulting philosophy is the belief that one must know what recognition efforts have been made over time and record each new example for future reference.  To that end, a Recognition Audit is the first of our recommended Best Practices for Donor Recognition™.  Recently, we are receiving more auditing inquiries and seeing frequent discussion about methods and service providers online. Continue reading »

University of South Carolina Library Dedication

August 2nd, 2010

I am excited to share this video showcasing our recently completed recognition for Senator Hollings at the University of South Carolina’s Ernest F. Hollings Special Collection Library. Under a tight deadline, we supervised installation the week before Vice President Joe Biden dedicated the library. Applying REWI principles that follow recently developed and instituted Standards & Guidelines for the University of South Carolina, the new plaques acknowledge and recognize supporters to the university. Continue reading »