“Planet Philanthropy”: Fun for Us

June 23rd, 2010

Florida’s annual meeting of AFP membership, Planet Philanthropy, took place this week in Boca Raton. Our Vice President was a featured program speaker.

For the first time ever for us, we were asked to be a part of an Annual Giving track. Finally, the importance to any organization of that fundraising effort to influence continued and expanded giving is being acknowledged.

Good stewardship of those donors is certainly understood by all thinking fundraisers as being imperative. Yet just “what to do” and “how to thank” them in ways that will proactively support, link and enhance the total philanthropic effort for those annual donors gets very little press. Kudos to Planet Philanthropy organizers in understanding the need, as well as being current in their understanding of this group of givers by this focus upon trends in fundraising.

As for the membership and the conference itself, Anne reports, “I have great admiration for those attendees there in that beautiful Boca Raton Resort. Mine was the last program, the last day, the vendors had all packed up and yet, in spite of that, a terrifically engaged contingency of more than 50 fundraisers shared their interest and experience with me!”

Thanks to all of you. If you were there, too, tell us what you thought of Anne’s take on annual giving stewardship and thanking.

Written by Robin E. Williams

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