March 5th, 2010

For several years, our disparate endeavors as a small consulting firm have been effectively unified through the many solutions offered by Workamajig.  Our connection to the company goes back to the days of Creative Manager, when Flash-based portions of the application were the exception, rather than the rule.  With the development of Workamajig, the multifaceted product performed more smoothly, and with the release of version 10.5, several months ago, I was struck by the impact our feedback seems to have had on its development.

We had wanted a better means of storing and sorting information connected to our numerous projects through the Diary section; we now have it.  We had wanted a means of isolating and printing certain workings involved the Calendar; we now have it.  We had wanted more choices for grouping transactions used to put our invoices together; we now have it.  We had wanted a means of searching beyond the distinct databases on a system-wide level; we now have it.  Workamajig isn’t simply listening; they’re continually improving!

Of course, I would be remiss to not mention the exemplary support that the team at Workamajig provides to us.  Not only are we are well prepared in advance for large updates, but the support staff continually helps us make better use of Workamajig.  We can schedule training meetings with their experts, join in the occasional seminar, or receive prompt replies to any number of emails and telephone calls for help.  It’s refreshing to receive a level of service on par with what we demand of ourselves when working with our own Clients.

Workamajig is an indispensable part of our workflow.  Whether we’re tracking financial metrics or creative and practical aspects of our projects, we’ve become more efficient, keeping costs in check for our clients as we take more and more advantage of tools provided.

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