Will Jumo.com Bring Tools Needed for Online Donor Relations?

March 26th, 2010

As donor recognition consultants, we’ve been monitoring the social media tools available for online donor communication. Last week’s technology and philanthropy pages were a-buzz with news of Facebook co-founder, Chris Hughes’ latest idea, Jumo.com.  The site claims, “Jumo brings together everyday individuals and organizations to speed the pace of global change. We connect people to the issues, organizations, and individuals relevant to them to foster lasting relationships and meaningful action.” Hughes’ e-blast announcement was quoted as saying, “We believe we can leverage the participatory web to foster long-term engagement with the issues and organizations that are relevant to each individual.”

As described, the model is already touting all the right ideas.  “Fostering long-term engagement” demonstrates an understanding of the importance of consistent, reliable, two-way communication with donors.    “Donor experience” is key to ensuring that people are satisfied with their initial giving (or volunteering) interaction and stewarded in ways that make them want to give again.  In the end, all the lessons learned about solid donor relationships and proactive stewardship must be translated into this new venue, especially when the dialogue is likely to be primarily digital.

There are lots of sites that help link donors to good causes, yet there is still far too little in the way of tools that “engage” the donor after the gift.  Honest, timely dialog is crucial to creating a lasting two-way relationship.  If Jumo.com can include ways to facilitate donor relations online, they will be truly groundbreaking.  Non-profits are stymied by the time and money required to manage even a small volume of relatively small scale participants.  What is most needed are realistic means for the fundraising organizations to interact in consistent, donor-centric ways to foster strong, ongoing relationships.

The Jumo team seems well-poised to be the ones to solve online stewardship, if they’ll make donor relations a core value of their mission.  I suggest that you follow Jumo on their websiteFacebook and Twitter.

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