Nonprofits: Link your Thanks to your Brand

October 19th, 2009

Communicate with your public that philanthropy is a core value to your organization. It is imperative to do so in today’s competitive fundraising environment. Link those branding messages through the use of traditional marketing approaches of content continuity and unity when you thank.

Use branding messages to your advantage when you express your mission or invite giving participation. It’s the norm today, and  successful organizations benefit from a similar inter-connectivity that we, as individuals, find so rewarding in our own social media endeavors. The tools work no differently for nonprofit entities. Whether you’re conducting direct campaign communications through your donor lists, offering donor stories and gift testimonials, or simply reaching out with friendraising, all content can be readily optimized toward fundraising success through connectivity and unity.

Open your thinking about thanking to include this broader viewpoint. Through weaving the Linkages of thanking throughout your donor communications, donors will be positively influenced. From electronic donor messaging to social networking to traditional campaign collateral and even to donor plaques on the wall, a unified and celebratory message of appreciation will enhance and broaden giving for your organization.

For further reading regarding the usefulness of linking branding messages, please take a moment to consider an article from “ The NonProfit Times” for analysis of a survey conducted by “Foresee Results” on the web and interconnectivity as a “colossal area of opportunity for nonprofits suffering from decreased giving.”

If you, our readers, wish to share success stories related to your linked efforts to thank, or even to share the nightmares you may have experienced in that attempt, please, do.

Written by Robin E. Williams

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