Transylvania Regional Hospital Recognizes Community Donors

August 19th, 2009

In celebration of the completion of a successful capital campaign to build a new inpatient wing, the Transylvania Regional Hospital recently installed donor recognition elements naming areas of the hospital in honor of major donors.  In addition to the area namings, a display at the entry to the new wing lists members of each of the Foundation’s giving societies who participated in this campaign. This installation is the culmination of several years of planning and reflects the Transylania Regional Hospital’s commitment to positive relationship building with the community.

In keeping with the Donor Recognition Best Practices, this donor recognition program achieves  several key goals:

  • Donors are publicly thanked and recognized for their contributions
  • Recognition components are designed as a cohesive program, thus establishing a recognizable graphic identity for philanthropy through the hospital
  • Donor recognition elements contribute to the hospital experience, adding to the sense of community, comfort, caring, quality and modernity in the hospital’s facilities
  • Messaging supports the not-for-profit mission of the hospital by focusing on community involvement and telling the unique story of this community of donors

Located in Brevard, North Carolina, the Transylvania Regional Hospital serves a small community with many part-time residents.  To address these special circumstances, the Foundation uses Neighborhood Appeals to engage donors.  This strategy begins with a dinner get-together and presentation to update residential community members on new developments, and current needs at the hospital.  Residents are “challenged” to reach a significant donation level as a group and thereby have a naming opportunity dedicated in honor of the combined gift.  Press releases publicize the challenges in local media and neighborhood newsletters to promote participation while making the community aware of the neighborhood’s generosity.  These appeals were extremely successful in the recent capital campaign. One large, affluent neighborhood contributed $3 million, with the new Inpatient Wing named in their honor; another more diverse neighborhood contributed $500,000 to name the new dining facility.

The donor recognition displays reflects the unique strategy employed in the Neighborhood Appeals.  There are interior and exterior area namings, and several areas named by neighborhoods or groups of donors.  We congratulate the Transylvania Regional Hospital Foundation for their creativity and success!

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