Gwinnett Medical Center’s Second-Generation Philanthropy Center Installs

July 30th, 2009

The Philanthropy Center installed July 28 & 29 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Mirrored alcoves at the entrance to the hospital’s new lobby recognize the key role played by those who give of their time, talent and treasure in support of quality healthcare in the Gwinnett community. This new installation represents an expansion in the scope and volume of the previous Philanthropy Center, first begun in 1994, and highlights philanthropy as a core value to the Gwinnett Medical Center.


Right Alcove Gwinnett Medical Center Second Generation Philanthropy Center

Right Alcove, Gwinnett Medical Center Second Generation Philanthropy Center

The Philanthropy Center provides public recognition for donors to a variety of different programs, acknowledges key leadership and presents vital information on current initiatives and accomplishments. The displays are visually engaging, versatile and plan for future growth and change through the use of rearrangeable faux stone plaques, large format print graphics and an interactive digital display.

Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation Second Generation Philanthropy Center

Left Alcove, Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation Second Generation Philanthropy Center

Current content includes:

•    Keystone Society, GMC’s lifetime giving program, is prominently positioned and uses a hierarchy of plaque sizes to communicate graduated levels of giving and encourage ongoing support by current donors
•    Cornerstone Society, the Foundation’s annual giving program, is listed on large format print graphics, allowing for flexibility in the layout of the list and affordable routine updating
•    STARS, the employee giving program, is recognized for it’s overall contribution to Project PATH; a separate display lists current employees by name
•    Physician Partners, a new program for motivating physician support, is highlighted with a listing of the participating physicians
•    Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors and recent award recipients are recognized
•    The Foundation’s history and progress on the current initiative, Project PATH are included to educate the general audience on the important role of community-wide philanthropic support
•    Special events and their sponsors are promoted via the interactive display
•    Donor testimonials are presented in looping video on the interactive display

The Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation is exemplary in its understanding of the importance of publicly recognizing donors while communicating current and meaningful information as tools for motivating donor support.  We congratulate them on their commitment to excellence in donor recognition!

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