Hospital Fundraisers Focus on Social Networking

June 9th, 2009

Yesterday we hosted a luncheon roundtable at the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Conference in Nashville. The title we had chosen was intended to lead discussions toward the pros and cons of digital media as a means for donor recognition. We were pleasantly surprised by the direction those discussions took. Not one issue arose regarding the complexities involved with interactive displays or digital, donor-centric presentations.

Instead, the focus of the 10 attendees moved quickly to the usefulness and advisability of social networking for healthcare foundations. Most were actively engaged in it and all were wondering about the benefits received vs. the time spent, the possible liabilities broached and even the personalities being conveyed through FaceBook, Twitter and other social sites.

The enthusiasm for this topic leads us to believe that an increasing number of hospital foundations will be making forays into social networking. If that includes your organization, we suggest that you apply the advice offered by Heather Burton of Sage during her “Web Wise” presentation: make your first attempts time-limited experiments. That way, if you cancel or modify the program, it seems an planned and appropriate moment for changes in your online presence.

Stayed tuned here for more as we complete our conference today, digest the implications and report back.

Written by Robin E. Williams

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