Giving USA 2008 Report: Not All Doom and Gloom

June 25th, 2009

The breadth and scope of American philanthropy remains unparalleled in this world. Giving USA released its summary of giving for 2008 on June 10, 2009, and we report here from the June 11, 2009 “Non Profit Times” report by Mark Hrywna . Overall the results show a downward trend when compared to previous giving, yet herein, I excerpt from the report to show many of the details and to focus upon the positive notes. Visualization is a powerful tool, thus the focus of this edited piece. (Italics are ours for emphasis.) Go to for the full report

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Nomination for Non-Profit Marketer of the Year

June 19th, 2009

Sharon Johnson, Executive Director of the Transylvania Regional Hospital Foundation, Brevard, North Carolina, has been nominated for the American Marketing Association’s Non-Profit Marketer of the Year Award in response to her success using donor recognition as a tool to improve fundraising success.

Johnson explains, “Through effective stewardship of our donors, we are able to develop ‘brand loyalty’ among the donor base. This is a direct result of proactive stewardship, which includes demonstrating appreciation of our donors, reporting on the progress achieved through giving, and combining the recognition of existing donors with a consistent message of the importance of ongoing philanthropy.”

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Social Networking for Healthcare Philanthropy

June 13th, 2009

During the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Regional Conference in Nashville, June 7-9, 2009, we hosted a roundtable discussion on the pros and cons of new media in donor recognition. Our preparation had been focused on digital media – looping video, scrolling donor lists, interactive touchscreens and other content presented via electronic displays. However, the conversation quickly diverted to a digital media subject with much more urgency to the attendees: the implications of social networking for healthcare philanthropy.

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A Keynote Address

June 11th, 2009

On Tuesday, the 9th, we had the privilege of hearing a keynote address by George Maynard, VP of Philanthropy and Partnership at the Greenville Hospital System University Medical System, at the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy conference in Nashville. George is a client and a friend and this was an unprecedented opportunity to hear reflections on a long career in healthcare philanthropy, a life well-lived and a thoughtful plan for maintaining focus and a positive attitude.

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Hospital Fundraisers Focus on Social Networking

June 9th, 2009

Yesterday we hosted a luncheon roundtable at the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Conference in Nashville. The title we had chosen was intended to lead discussions toward the pros and cons of digital media as a means for donor recognition. We were pleasantly surprised by the direction those discussions took. Not one issue arose regarding the complexities involved with interactive displays or digital, donor-centric presentations.

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